Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Think He is Excellent Too

A hearty congratulations to Clyde McGregor of Harris Associates.  He manages the Oakmark Global and Equity Income funds, two funds that we have invested in ourselves and owned for clients for quite some time.  Lipper named him the inaugural recipient of their Award for Excellence in Fund Management.  (Here is the Press Release from Oakmark's website.)  Based on our experience, Clyde has a talent for company valuation and portfolio construction and has been very good at compounding investor's capital over time.  We think the award is well deserved.

(Principals and clients of Harvest Financial Partners are long Oakmark Global and Oakmark Equity Income.  Positions may change at any time.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jensen Fund

From this article you might be able to tell why Jensen is one of our favorite funds.  Robert Zagunis at Jensen highlights a couple of stocks we own broadly at the firm, one we just sold and one we are looking at.

(Harvest clients and principals own Abbott and Stryker.  Positions may change at any time.)